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 Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarado

Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarado

Necole Kane Goes Beyond the Web to the Center Stage

“I get emotional every time I talk about this,” said Necole Kane. Standing in front of an audience of 200 women on a rainy Saturday morning in downtown Dallas, Necole Kane appears shier than her previous alter ego would suggest. 

 Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarado

Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarado

The Study: Irving's New Hot Spot for Business

The newest business hotspot in Irving, TX, isn’t located in Las Colinas but right outside of old downtown, just past a transmission shop-turned-fountain and next to City Hall on Irving Boulevard.

 Photo credit: Tye and Courtney Caldwell

Photo credit: Tye and Courtney Caldwell

Til Death Do Us Part: Dallas Entrepreneurs Give Tips on Working With Their Partner

This is the time of year when love is in the air, candle-lit dinner tables are being booked, and we put aside the practical for the romantic. However, for the coupled owners of an estimated 3 million small businesses in the United States, it’s a bit harder to leave business at the front doorstep.

 Photo credit: Christopher Alvarado

Photo credit: Christopher Alvarado

Common Desk Founder combines fun, fast and flexible coworking with coffee

On the day before its Jan. 20 grand opening, Clark sat down with Launch DFW at the bustling and newly-rebranded Fiction Coffee shop to talk about the threads that connect his businesses and the motto behind the latest acquisition.

 Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarado

Photo Credit: Christopher Alvarado

V12 Yoga: How wellness translates to success

Mindfulness in the workplace dominated in 2017, and the topic continues to rule as professionals manage stressful environments and take control of mental and physical health. From corporate retreats to midday meditation, organizations have found innovative ways to provide solutions to workers.


Re-Imagine Red Bird Pop-Up Market Sparks Excitement, Sense of Community in Southern Dallas

For many vendors at the Re-Imagine RedBird Pop-Up Market, the blossoming revitalization and investment in the region, spearheaded by the Dallas Regional Chamber, Dallas Entrepreneur Center and the Red Bird Mall redevelopment team, is bringing much-needed excitement and interest in Southern Dallas.


How To Shop Like A Tall Girl

Trying to find cute clothes that fit when you’re a girl that’s 5’9″ can be annoying, but trying to find cute clothes that fit when you’re a girl that’s 6’4″ can be a downright hassle. WNBA team Dallas Wings players Courtney Paris and Theresa Plaisance are two of the tallest players on their team, measuring in at 6’4″ and 6’5″, respectively. The average American woman is 5’4″ tall.

Stressing? Let a basketball coach help you sweat it out

Coaching can be a stressful business, but Dallas Wings Assistant Coach Bridget Pettis has a way of dealing with it, along with any other type of stress life has to offer.

Bridget Pettis WNBA Dallas Wings Narrative Evolution

The WNBA Yogi

Step onto the WNBA Dallas Wings court during practice and you’ll experience various sights and sounds: squeaking shoe soles and the shouts of plays being called up and down the court as players run drills with focused intensity. The physicality and drama of basketball may seem like a diametrical opposite experience to the fluidity of yoga, where there is no jostling for position under a net and practitioners stay within the four corners of their mat. For Dallas Wings Assistant Coach Bridget Pettis, there is no separating the two worlds.


Super team, super fans

Partners Pam Gerber and Suzanne Slonim may be relatively new fans of the WNBA and the Dallas Wings. But there aren’t many fans who are more fervent. As the team and their fans — including Gerber and Slonim — gear up Dallas Wings Pride Night on June 16, the couple took a few minutes to talk about why they love Dallas Wings and why they think everyone else should, too.


FLYING HIGH: The Dallas Wings Female Leaders Are Everything

2016 was thought to be the year of the woman, but we’d like to go ahead and nominate 2017 thanks to amazing organizations that support and celebrate women in a big way.


Dallas Wings Open New Season - Fox 4

Dallas Wings forward Theresa Plaisance joins Good Day to talk about the team's home opener this weekend. It's a game against the defending champs.


The Dallas Wings May 20 Opener Brings New Players, Same Great Excitement

Let us be the first to share the best kept secret in North Texas – the WNBA Dallas Wings, who are tipping off their second season on Saturday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at College Park Center against the Minnesota Lynx. The team has been busy expanding their ever growing legion of fans during the offseason after adding five draft picks in this year’s WNBA Draft, including two players who won the Women’s NCAA national championship in Dallas.


TollTag Management - Opening a New TollTag Account Online

This video will show you the step-by-step instructions on how to open a TollTag account online. TollTag customers save money on toll roads - ZipCash customers pay at least 50% more - and can easily pay for tolls without stopping in Texas and Oklahoma.


How to Set Up Airport + TX/OK Payment on TollTag

Travel easily when you use your TollTag to pay for parking and pass-through at DFW airports. Plus, drive non-stop in Texas and Oklahoma when you use your TollTag to pay for tolls.