How to Throw Yourself a "Pity Party"

As an entrepreneur, you can experience moments of excitement and disappointment, sometimes in equal measure and in the same day. We often want to bounce back from setbacks like nothing has happened, to not show frustration. Perhaps we’re concerned about public perception, or maybe we think having a pity party will derail our efforts.  

I have a potential unpopular opinion to share: let’s embrace the pity party. I don’t want you to take this as an opportunity to wallow in failure but as a way to be human. One of the best ways to learn is to from experience, and that sometimes includes botching it. When you don’t achieve your goal, use your “party” as a time to explore what went wrong and what went right. And then write down your lessons and move on to the next. Your self-pity has a 24 hour time limit, so be ready to get back to being fabulous. 

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